How will my practitioner treat me?


Cryotherapy or “freezing” is the application of liquid nitrogen to superficial skin lesions.
This method is used to resolve early signs of skin cancer and is generally used prior to surgery where possible, such as on Solar Keratosis.

Topical Creams

The use of topical creams such as Aldara, stimulate the body’s immune system to attack areas of mutated cells or cancer. This is a non invasive method, although can take up to 6 weeks for the treatment regime to be complete.
Listed below are such creams:

  • Aldara (Imiquimod)
    For treating superfical basal cell carcinoma
    For treating Solar Keratosis
  • Efudix (Fluorouracil)
    For treating Solar Keratosis
    For treating Bowen’s disease
  • Picato
    For treating Solar Keratosis

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

This treatment involves the application of a safe photo active cream to the sun damaged area and is absorbed into the damaged cells. It is then activated by either the sun (Daylight PDT) or a light source that emits specific wavelength of light (Traditional PDT). This exposure to the cream creates an interaction with the damaged cells to destroy them.
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Surgical Excision
When alternative treatments, as above, have not worked as desired or are contraindicated for your skin lesion. This treatment involves surgically removing the skin lesion, and sending it away for confirmatory testing.
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