Surgical Procedures

At Suncity Skin Cancer Clinic we do our best to provide a stress free, relaxing experience for our patients requiring surgical procedures.

We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your procedure. From giving you an estimate on fees to discussing prevention of scarring and any alternative treatments.

What to expect?

Upon arriving to the clinic for your procedure, our staff will ask you to complete a consent form and discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding your procedure. From here, the doctor will discuss with you the procedure and what he/she intends on doing whilst taking into consideration any concerns voiced. When considering your procedure our surgical team will complete the excision in the most cosmetically appealing way, such as suturing wound edges to run withnatural body/facial lines to hide scar lines and prevent post operative wound spread.

Once your procedure is discussed with the doctor, our team will photograph, with your permission, the area of concern which will be stored confidentially to your file. We use this to refer back to if need be in the future. From here, our clinical staff desensitizes the area and the procedure commences.

After the doctor has completed the procedure, the nursing staff will place the most appropriate dressing for you on the excision site, provide you with a wound care advice pamphlet and book you for a follow up appointment.
If at any time you have any concerns regarding your wound or dressing, we invite you to call and make a follow up appointment with our nurses as required.