Skin Cancer Checks

Suncity Skin Cancer Clinic takes pride in carefully investigating each patients skin thoroughly to locate any areas of concern. Our practitioners have specialty certification training in dermoscopy and with a trained eyed for detail will check each worrying lesion with sincerity.

Full Skin Check
A Full Skin Check appointment is generally a 30 minutes consultation depending on your skin type. In this appointment our trained practitioners will complete a thorough full body assessment for you.

Spot Check
A spot check is a quick appointment, lasting no longer than 15 minutes. In this appointment, our trained practitioners will screen 1-2 spots that are concerning you. If you have not recently had a Full Skin Check, in the past 12 or more months, we will recommend that you return for a complete check in the near future.

What to expect:
Upon entering the consult rooms, our practitioners will discuss with you your family history, your working history and leisure history to obtain a background picture of how much sun exposure you may have had and if you’re genetically predisposed to skin cancer.

From here they will describe the process of the check which will go from the head to the soles of the feet. Furthermore, use a special type of magnifying glass called a “Dermatoscope” or a head set with magnifying abilities to view your skin with will be used. These tools allow them to view the fine details which are hidden to the naked eye, thus allowing them to diagnosis skin ailments.

We also have a machine in both of our consult rooms that can photograph lesions in High Definition allowing us to monitor for an subtle changes in appearance such as colour, shape, size all clues to possible early or developed cancers.

In addition to this we also offer Photo Mapping. This service is full body imaging, which allows us to detect new freckles and moles that may appear. We understand that it can be quite difficult to monitoring changing skin and offer this service to provide early detection for our patients.

If our practitioners locate anything of concern, they will discuss possible treatment plans with you. These range from cryotherapy treatment (dry ice treatment), Effudix cream application, Aldara cream application or where required surgical excision of the lesion. To find out more about these click here.

If you would like to book in for a routine Skin Check, please call 9956 8900 for a booking!
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