Reduce your risk!


Slip on protective clothing such as long sleeved shirts and pants, made of Cotton, polyester/cotton and linen as these are lightweight, cool to wear and tightly woven fabrics can protect against 95% of UV radiation and a workplace accident.

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Slop on your Sunscreen, 50+SPF is recommended. Don’t forget to apply a 50+SPF lip balm.
However no Sunscreen can protect you 100% against the Sun’s UV rays.
A combination of protective clothing, hats and sunglasses and shelter where possible is also recommended.

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Slap on a hat that provides as much shade and protection as possible to your face, head, neck, ears and eyes.
Caps and visors are not recommended as they leave areas such as your neck and ears exposed the suns harmful rays.

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Seek shelter or shade from the suns harmful UV rays, such as under trees, built structures, or temporary shade structures. Although whilst seeking shelter from the sun, protective clothing should still be wore to protect yourself against reflected radiation.



Slide a pair of sunglasses on to protect your eyes from UV radiation. Select a pair that are close to the face and wrap around the sides of the face to aid in reducing radiation.

Source: Cancer Council