Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival Time:
We ask that if you are visiting us for the first time, that you arrive 15min early to allow us to obtain your details and add you to our confidential computer system.

Please be aware that on surgical days, unforeseen events sometimes occur which can cause a delay. We ask for your patience in this matter, and where possible rescheduling may occur.

Parking: Parking is available directly in front of the clinic, alternatively street parking is also available along Urch street just outside of the premises.

Attire: We ask that you wear comfortable attire, as during Skin Cancer checks, we do request the removal of articles of clothing. We do have privacy screens in each of the Mole Scanning rooms to maintain privacy. We also request that make-up be removed prior to your appointment so that we may clearly assess your skin.

For surgical procedures we ask that you wear comfortable attire, as we may ask you to removal an article of clothing. We have privacy drapes for patients in our closed door surgical suites.

Security: We ask that you do not bring valuables to the practice, in the event that personal belongings go missing, we are not accountable.

Payment: We accept cash, EFTPOS (Visa, MasterCard) and cheque with identification. We regret that we do not accept American Express or Diners Club.

Bookings: Booking in advance is recommended, where the time permits we are happy to accommodate spontaneous appointments or walk ins regarding lesions of particular concern. Please mention if you are redeeming a gift voucher.