Cosmetic Mole Removal

Cosmetic mole removal is the latest way to remove harmless moles from the body, especially the face without leaving noticeable scarring. The machine uses radio surgery diathermy technology to shave the mole until it is smooth and flat with the skin surface. Scarring is minimal with this technology as it does not cause damage to the normal surrounding tissue.

Your doctor is well trained in distinguishing between harmless and abnormal moles. If they feel the mole could be abnormal or troublesome they may either biopsy or excise and send it for analysis.

Harmless moles are removed quite easily. The area around the mole is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic. Once numb the mole is removed or shaved flush with the skin. The technique is a much like putting a hot knife through butter. There is no bleeding as blood vessels are sealed off and THERE IS NO NEED FOR SUTURES.

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