Appointment Bookings

ARRIVAL TIME: We ask that if you are visiting us for the first time, that you arrive 15min early to allow us to obtain your details and add you to our confidential computer system.

If you are a returning patient, to allow the full time to review your skin we ask that you arrive at the time of your consultation booking time. Arriving later may reduce your time with the practitioner and limit the extent of your check up. Please be aware that at times delays do at occur, and where possible rescheduling may occur.

Your initial appointment with our practice is very important, and the more information we can receive about your medical and family history, and any specific concerns (eg a mole, lesion or problem area) can also be addressed. Following a brief review of your situation, specialized scans will be undertaken to review any problem areas (we can also compare scans taken in future visits, and note any changes). You will receive a very thorough initial consultation and detailed skin check, which may take as long as 45 minutes. Screening does not hurt, is non invasive, and is simply prudent in an area with very high skin cancer rates; your doctor may recommend that you come back again during the year, based on our risks of developing skin cancer.

The practice is dedicated to seeing patients promptly from our referral base. We can quickly provide an evaluation of your situation, and treatment options. If surgery or other treatment is necessary, we will schedule it quickly, and ensure to liaise with your referring doctor as required.

You can use the form below to make a booking to see us.

After submitting this form one of our staff will contact you to confirm an appointment: