Allmedic is a clinical grade range of products design and developed by doctors.Their range is composed of skin repair creams and protection products.
At Suncity Skin Cancer Clinic we stock a vast selection of their range for the benefit of our customers.
See below for a more detailed description on the range.


Skin Repair

Recommended for use on general skin types as a part of a skin cell repair regime. It contains a concentration of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs), Salicylic Acid (BHA) and Niacinamide all of which are beneficial in cellular regeneration. This product can be used as a mask, by applying a thin layer to clean dry skin and leaving for 20mins, additionally it is also suitable for use prior to Photodynamic Therapy. This product is suitable for oily acne prone skin. Test patch prior to use.

Apply once daily or as directed by your clinical specialist.


Active Exfoliating Scrub

This active 3 in one mild foaming scrub contains medium sized biodegradable beads, AHA’s and Salicylic Acid to gently remove old skin cells to allow and promote new skin cell growth. It is suitable for all skin tyoes, particularlay oily and acne prone skin. Can be used as a scrub, cleanser or a gentle peel.

Always use as directed by your clinical specialist.


Active Face & Body Cleanser

This cleanser is a 2 in 1 pH balanced, active, mild cleansing product containing 3 natural exfoliators derived from AHA’s and Salicylic Acid. These natural exfoliators gently remove old skin cells whilst cleansing the skin of any makeup, dirt, oil or other impurities. For use on all skin types, particularly dry, sensitive and acne prone skin types. This product can be applied twice daily or as directed by your clinical specialist.


Soap Free Bar

This product is a pH balanced, low irritant soap free bar used for cleansing the skin when bathing or showering. It is a much milder product to use on the skin compared to general soap products and can also be used as a substitute in shaving as well as shampooing.


Face and Body Moisturizing Sunscreen

This SPF 50+ sunscreen is suitable for normal to sensitive skin types. Apply this product daily, and reapply following water sports, swimming or excessive perspiration. It can even be worn underneath makeup!
Daily use of this product may assist in prevention of some skin cancers as well as premature ageing.
Skin Rejuvenator

This product is for the use of manual exfoliation of dry, flaky skin. It compact shape ensures it fits comfortably into ones hand, providing a more effective, simple, painless and affordable application.
Refer to your clinical specialist for a personalized exfoliating regime.


Product Orders

For over the phone orders for any of the above mentioned products, please call 9956 8900!

Sourced from “Allmedic”