Acne Treatments

In conjunction with a personalized skin care regime, Suncity Skin Cancer Clinic offers a combined blue and red light therapy for the treatment of Acne in patients.

Blue Light is an effective acne treatment with a long list of benefits. However, while red light therapy has its own very powerful benefits, research has proven that the combination of red and blue light is even more effective for acne treatment than blue light alone.

What Does Red Light Do For Acne?
Red light reduces inflammation (redness and swelling), speeds clearing and helps prevent new scars. Benefits of Combination Red and Blue Light for Acne Treatment:

  • 100% natural and non-invasive
  • Drug-free with no adverse side effects short or long term
  • Safe for all ages and safe for daily use
  • Painless
  • No down-time
  • May be effective against antibiotic resistant strains of acne causing bacteria.
  • Decreases inflammation (redness and swelling)
  • Speeds skin healing
  • Reduces acne clearing time
  • Facilitates healing without scarring

How Does Red Light Work in Acne Treatment?
When different wavelengths (colours) of light on the skin, they are absorbed into the skin, setting off natural processes within it. Different results are achieved depending on the colour of the light. Red light is known to increase blood flow and oxygen flow, accelerate the skin’s natural healing processes, and reduce pain.

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